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Looking for talented candidates willing to celebrate the holidays year-round. Reach out to us for more information.


Graphic artist

Primary Responsibilities:

·Photo management

o Prepare electronic image files for use on the website, email programs and marketing campaigns

o Work with sales to create renderings for new projects.

·Graphic Design

o Create marketing and promotional materials based on direction provided by Shine Illumination.


Primary Responsibilities:


o Arrive to work when required

·Attentive to Detail

o Install all lights and décor as trained

o Follow instructions from Crew Manager

o Treat clients property with respect and ensure no damage


o Give 100% effort working safely and quickly while on the job site.

·Abide by all company policies and represent the company in a professional and positive manner. Honestly, integrity and hard work is not an option, but an expectation.

Creative designer

Primary Responsibilities:

·Décor Design

o Create industry trend report each season and present to management

o Create décor plan for company and present to management

o Execute designs, sampling, and product development against company décor plan

o Work with sales to develop custom displays including renderings, samples, presentations and decor for new projects.

o Manage graphic artist to complete

o Design marketing material and website to support sales.

o Themed storyboards

o Sales presentation material

o Marketing videos


o Create Tech Packets for each new décor/trim packages for Production.

o Train production team on how to make décor

o Manage quality control to ensure décor being produced is accurate and produced correctly.


o Assist with installation of décor on site.

o Spot check jobs to ensure décor projects are installed correctly.

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